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Batuan, Sukawati, Indonesia
My name is MangKhris Born in Bali, the beautiful island of the human object is very large and very unique community tradition makes me very keen to perpetuate. My first introduction to the world of photography in 2006 at the beginning with a pocket camera, and in 2007 I started seriously in taking wedding photos until now, not just photograph weddings prawedding I also take photographs, fashion, human interest, landscape, and products. Contac me at +62-8113851668 / MangKhris@hotmail.com


Beauty products jewelry, clothes, food and bavarage,bags,etc we capture in a photo, for more information please email.

Photo by: MangKhris
Place : OOP" S Restaurant Ubud - Bali
Team : Dodix and Putu Therase

Fashion Photoshoot for Bligissimo Jewelery
Photo by: MangKhris
Team; Rio Dalimonthe, Dendik
Wardrobe By: Blingissimo