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Batuan, Sukawati, Indonesia
My name is MangKhris Born in Bali, the beautiful island of the human object is very large and very unique community tradition makes me very keen to perpetuate. My first introduction to the world of photography in 2006 at the beginning with a pocket camera, and in 2007 I started seriously in taking wedding photos until now, not just photograph weddings prawedding I also take photographs, fashion, human interest, landscape, and products. Contac me at +62-8113851668 / MangKhris@hotmail.com



I haven’t shot a single wedding that was shorter than twelve hours and most of the real moments happen when you least expect it and most definitely outside the 8 hours in the middle. Most weddings last 12-15 hours, not 8.

If you start getting ready at 8.30 in the morning, I will be there if you want me to. For me it’s all about capturing your wedding day and getting the best shots possible. By being there all day, I get the moments and the moments in between. The real moments happen there and then and not if I rock up an hour or two before the ceremony. I won’t shoot you pretending to put make up on or correcting a tie that’s been tied hours ago. I will be there all day and I will get the great moments that happen at every wedding. You will never have to worry about me, my time or asking me if you have time for another shot of you and your brothers.

I will be there.

No need to have a mock cake cutting or first dance at the beginning of the reception. Nah, you take your time and let the night be all it should be. Let things happen when they should happen.

I’ll be there.

All day wedding coverage starts at $600, packages from $800.

You can either decide what you want in your coverage or book one of my packages with things like albums, DVD slideshows, online slideshows, proofs, prints, canvases and of course your hi-res images on disc.

Just email me and I’ll send you the full price-sheet.