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Batuan, Sukawati, Indonesia
My name is MangKhris Born in Bali, the beautiful island of the human object is very large and very unique community tradition makes me very keen to perpetuate. My first introduction to the world of photography in 2006 at the beginning with a pocket camera, and in 2007 I started seriously in taking wedding photos until now, not just photograph weddings prawedding I also take photographs, fashion, human interest, landscape, and products. Contac me at +62-8113851668 / MangKhris@hotmail.com

Human Interest

Sometimes human activity on our side we can capture in a photograph is unique, and beautifull.

Photo By : MangKhris
Model : Kristina Gridle
Place: OOP'S Restaurant Ubud - Bali
Wardrobe by : Model
Team : Dodix

Pesta Kesenian Bali ( Bali Art Festival ) XXXIII
Photo by : Mang Khris

Desa Tenganan - Bali
Photo by: MangKhris

Tirta Empul - Bali
Anggia Anggraeni

Bar And Louge Around Ubud - Bali  
Sisha Bar and OOP'S Restaurant

Bromo East java

Amed East Bali